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Silvera Food is driven by only one simple goal - to better our products, our customer service and customer experience each and every day. The so called the best today might not remain the best tomorrow. We, hence, keep an open mind to embrace new ideas, to challenge ourselves and to be at better service to our customers and partners. Above all, we always remind ourselves that our work is inspired by the spirit "Driven by better".


Genuineness: Being sincere will save us lots of time. So instead of saying YES! to every request just to get the deal and failing to do it, we will just tell you what we can or cannot do. That way, we can start discussing other feasible options and working towards them.

Open-mindedness: We believe there is always room for improvement. Being enquiry, thus, allows us to learn new things and come up with new clever solutions for us, our partners and our customers. 

Passion: We're fired up to serve and to be of help to our customers!


Company name Silvera Food Trading Company Limited
Date of establishment 15 March, 2019
Business registration code 0315566920
Capital  5,000,000,000 VND
Location No. 22 - 18th Street, 5th Quarter, Hiep Binh Chanh Ward, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Zipcode 700 000
Business activities Exportation, Product Sourcing Across Vietnam, Product Inspection
Products available Frozen farmed & wild caught seafood originated from Vietnam
Banking information  Beneficiary: Silvera Food Trading Company Limited
Bank name: Joint Stock Commercial Bank For Foreign Trade Of Vietnam (VIETCOMBANK), Thu Duc Branch
Address: No. 50A - Dang Van Bi Street, 4th Quarter, Binh Tho Ward, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Account number: 1012909698